Marlow Shami ~ Seeing Nature through an Artist’s Lens

September 12, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Marlow Shami ~ Seeing Nature through an Artist’s Lens

Saturday, September 12, 2020

2:00 p.m.


Marlow Shami’s talk and Keynote focuses on the process of creating two different bodies of artwork.
Artist statement: A thread-like intelligence attracts my attention in the art-making process. These attractions are the foundation of my creative impulse, and they are everywhere. My job as an artist is to follow their pull, collaborating as best as I can to reveal something new to both myself and for those experiencing my work.

Smells, colors, landscapes, people, sound, dreams are all are infused with this energy.

Like words used to build a story, sensory attractions create my experience. I wait, listen, trust, pause, listen, leap, stop, and begin again to collect, compose, wonder, experience. Making art is full of tiny rich steps needing attention and care.

Eventually, I become a translator, using my camera and a digital paintbrush to communicate the essence of this collaboration with Nature.

Although these two bodies of work appear to be different from one another, my intention is the same; to create for myself a sense of place, homelands. The dynamic character of the natural world in which I am embedded is endlessly engaged in the process of creating balance, homeostasis. Whether I am attracted to a feature within the landscape, or collecting the fragments of a dream as source material, both anchor me into a sense of homecoming: dynamic, new, alive.

Each piece of Visual Memoirs had its unique beginning: a dream, familial history, longing to understand, desire to heal. Content of each piece may include; digital photography scans of old black and white photos, color slides, and digital painting. I hope the viewer might find a resonating note within my work. Something elicits a narrative of their own, one perhaps, that’s been waiting for the invitation to reveal itself.

The process of creating each piece in the ongoing series, Restoration, elicited a restorative response within me. The colors, smells, sounds, feelings, even the warm August breeze touched me 2:00 p.m., This free virtual program will be hosted in Zoom and simulcast on “The White Memorial Conservation Center” Facebook page via Facebook Live!

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